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We want that you go into our world
And have fun while you have new experiences

Here are the various proposals we offer to make a different class for a day.

Fishing school

You will be able to discover old and current craft and fishing gear and all the diversity of the most common fish species in the area. With our help you will learn the importance of marine sustainability, by trip on a boat on the Costa Brava, with the use of fishing rods to practice the ART OF THE FISHERIES and show in a practical way, the reason for the fishing controlled.

Outdoor activity carried out with maximum security. Possibility of performing it as synthesis credit (with educator)

Fishing rod

Empúries – Medes islands

1. Empúries and Medes islands (free visit): includes a didactic visit to choose between the offer of the MAC-Empúries and the boat trip (without educators) by Mare Nostrum Cruises, in the Medas Islands.

Level: 2nd and 3rd primary, secondary and high school cycle.
Minimum number of students: 20

Montgrí coast image

Aquae, a history sea (Special pack)

2. Aquae, a ​​history sea(Special Pack): Visit that has the water thread. Includes the Aquae didactic visit by the MAC-Empúries and the boat trip to the Medas Islands by Mare Nostrum Cruises. During the boat trip, educators will focus on aspects such as coastal trade navigation, the importance of the sea in classical civilizations and their arrival in Empúries, colonization waves in the Mediterranean and underwater archaeological remains.

Once on the dry land there will be a visit to the Greek and Roman cities of Empúries and the educator will be based on the importance of water in all civilizations and how this has often been a conditioning in
important questions (such as choosing the location)

and paying special attention to its useful, supply and distribution in the city of Empúries.

Cape of Trencabraços

Level: 2nd and 3rd primary, secondary and high school cycle.
Minimum number of students: 20